Guild Rules


To keep a nice and pleasant environment for the guild, we need some rules.


Guild rules


1. No discrimination, of any kind.

2. Don’t ask for boosts.

3. Don’t ask for gold, in ANY channel (so general, trade, say, yell etc. etc.). As it gives the guild a bad reputation.

Should you need a loan for mounts, enchants, gems or even a piece of gear, you can make a request to our guild master(from now on GM) Saense. Do note that we can say no, and we’d like you to respect our decision.

4. No profanity, keep the guild chat clean! We have some minors in the guild and we’d like the guild to be a safe place for them.

5. For the love of god do not spam Recount.

6. Dont ask for promotions, for more information about promotions look at the bottom of this post.




The amount of items and for how for much you can repair depends on rank(per day):



0 items from tabs

Guildrepair: 0g


Peasent (New member)

0 items from any tab

Guildrepair: 0 g


Teakiyari & Ashigaro (Social & Alts)

2 items from tabs: 1,2,3 and 4

Guildrepair: 50g


Samurai (Raider)

3 items from tabs: 1,2,3 and 4

2 items from tabs 5 and 6

Guildrepair: 100g


Hatamoto (Hc raider)

3 items from tabs: 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

Guildrepair: 150g


Daimo (Officer alts)

25 items from all tabs

Guildrepair: 150g


Shogun (Officer)

100 items from all tabs

Guildrepair: 200g


Should you require something from the tabs you don’t have access too, please ask an Officer (Daimo or Shogun).


Buying from the Guild Bank


When you take something out of the guild bank you have to pay 50% of the lowest auction house price, this is because we need gold to fund the guild repairs, and other guild related items (like mats for flask cauldron and fish feast)


Donating to the Guild Bank

All items are welcome but with two exceptions: Grey quality items & bandages. If you’d like you can sell these items and donate the gold instead.



Should you require a loan for mounts, enchants, gems or even a piece of gear, you can make a request to our GM Saense. Do know that we can say no, and we’d like you to respect our decision.


Forum Rules


1. No discrimination,

2. No profanity,

3. Don’t spam,

4. Place topics in the right category,

5. Keep the discussions civil,


Raid Rules

Raid times

From about 20:00 till 23:00 server time, in some cases we might raid longer if all agree.



For main characters:

You are free to pug to point the guild has cleared this week. This means if the guild hasnt gone yet you cant pug.

We have decided this so we can have more guild members ready for a raid who’d otherwise might have been saved.

Looking For Raid(LFR) is free to use but remember the guild does a pre-made run once a week.


For alts:

Free for all!


Sign ups

If you signed up, we expect you to be on time at 19:45 GTM+1 (server time) with flasks and foodbuffs for the entire raid till 23.00 hrs servertime, if you dont you'll be sitting on the bench for the next 3 raids.



we use epgp to distribute loot fairly, you can find more information on how we use epgp, on the guild page HERE. And here is more generic information to be found:

Main-spec is always before off-spec, it doesn’t matter whether you have more points or not.

Looting before everyone is back means you’re excluded from rolling on the loot.

BOE = Bind On Equip gear need to be equiped!

No loot whoring!



Please pay attention when the tactics are explained, even if you know a better one. Should you know a better tactic please let it know before or after the raid but not during, as it is a time consuming process.

 When we are going to a new boss, ideas are welcome but remember there is only one raidleader. We follow the raidleader his/her tactic whether you are agree or not.



Requirements to Raid

We expect you to be fully gemmed and enchanted. We do not ask you to have the most expansive enchants but we do want enchants that fit your class and spec. And of course do not forget a belt buckle and glyphs.


Raid Add-ons


  •  Omen (threat meter)
  •  DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)
  • Ventrillio (mic or no mic, you are required to be on vent!)
  • EPGP plus EPGP Lootmaster





You enter the guild as a Peasant. After reaching level 30 and been in the guild for 2 weeks you'll be promoted to Teakiyari.


Alts get promoted to Ashigaro as soon as we know its a alt ( and who their main is of course).


When you think are raid ready, let us know so we can see if you are to be promoted to Samurai, if we think you are ready.


And remember, do not ask for promotions unless you want to stay your current rank for a very long time.


Jester rank

If you keep breaking the rules(you get two warnings), you'll be demoted to the rank Jester.

This means you can only see guildchat but not participate in it. And you wont be able to use the guildbank nor guildrepairs.

The amount of time you spend in the Jester rank depends entirely on what rule you broke and how you behaved during your "time off".










PS. DH may always kick! :P

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