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TOPIC: Tactics for Throne of Thunder First Boss.

Tactics for Throne of Thunder First Boss. 9 years 8 months ago #60

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Throne of Thunder (ToT)

Boss 1: Jin'rokh the Breaker.

10 man raid with 5 dps - need to do 82k dps each
10 man raid with 6 dps - need to do 70k dps each


Taunt off the boss when boss applied Static Wound debuff, each time boss hit the tank with that debuff, whole raid get damage.

Boss will throw you at the NEAREST Mogu Statue during the fight, after it, conductive water (pool) will appear, so rotate that clockwise and move more to the next Mogu Statue.

Dps and Healers,

Focused Lightning, will be cast on one of us, move asap away from raid and special out of conductive water (pool), because as soon it hits you, you get damage and others in 8 yard arround you aswell, when this happens in the pool, all inside the pool get huge amount of damage and will be a wipe. It leaves fisher when the orb hits you. If you bring the orb through another fisher, whole raid get damageand will be a wipe. So avoid that.

Boss will cast Lightning Storm, can not be interrupted, whole raid stack close to boss - aoe healing needed. and the pool can not be used anymore. Because of the Electrified waters.

That pool, if you stand in it, you do more damage, and get more healing. But you get damage aswell.

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