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TOPIC: I love my lock even more :)

I love my lock even more :) 9 years 10 months ago #33

  • nemester
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intresting read for locks in the guild
Opening words

Hello, I’m Ràvøn from Arthas and pleased to bring you a guide to Warlock tanking. Before I begin this guide I do not believe that Warlocks will be viable raid tanks in Mists. So before you start begging your raid leader to let you show him/her your l337 lock tanking skills, you need to understand that once another tank gets some vengeance stacks it’s pretty much over for you. I will mention that if your raid is about to wipe because of a tank death and you just happen to be glyphed for tanking you could easily give the group some survivalability while the tank is getting battle rezzed.

I'm not claiming to be an expect on Warlock tanking. I wrote this guide so other fellow locks can have a starting basis on how to tank Warlock style.

Enjoy the guide and feel free to post any comments or concerns. This is my first ever guide written for WoW.

Table of Contents
1. Spec
2. Talents
3. Glyphs
4. What skills do you need
5. Stats
6. Reforging
7. Consumables
8. How-to-tank/Priority List/Rotation
9. Closing thoughts
10. Special Thanks

1. The Spec
As many of you have noticed blizzard implemented a glyph for warlocks which has stirred a lot of controversy, Glyph of Demon Hunting. It’s only available for DEMONOLOGY!! This glyph unlocks a new skill Dark Apotheosis. Because of this skill we are now able to have some tanking power.
Let’s take a look at what exactly this skill does.
Dark Apotheosis Glyph
100 Demonic Fury
Instant cast 10 sec cooldown

You imbue yourself with demonic energies, reducing physical damage taken by 10.00%, reduces magic damage taken by 15% and allows the use of various demonic abilities.

In addition, Soulshatter taunts your target, Twilight Ward will absorb all schools of damage and Shadow Bolt becomes Demonic Slash.

This skill shares a cooldown with Metamorphosis (which means you can only be in one or the other, and when cancelling either one, the 10 second cooldown for both. While in our newly we get another of skill changes and defensive capabilities. The skill itself gives a flat physical and magical damage reduction. The physical bonuses are affected by mastery, so start I recommend to start stacking mastery. The second half of this skill makes your Soulshatter into Provocation (8 sec CD taunt), and your Twilight Ward into Fury Ward (35,071 damage shield every 10 secs at the cost of 200 demonic fury). Also it gives you Demon Wings!

2. Talent setup
I chose this setup for a number of reasons.

Tier 1
In this tier there were only 2 real talents that can both be situational. If you are going to be add tanking I recommend taking Harvest Life to build up fury and regen health. Otherwise take Dark Regeneration. The heal from Dark Regeneration is great for a quick needed heal and the buff for the next 12 secs helps if you are taking constant damage and need steady healing. The buff from this skill also combines very well with the Healthstone glyph which I’ll get to later in Section 3. The 2 minute CD is a short enough so that you may get to use it again that fight and possibly more time depending on the length of the fight.

Tier 2
No tough decision here, a free 15% heal every 45 seconds will make any other tank complain.

Tier 3
Now this tier has a little bit of decision making to do as well. However the synergy between Soul Link and Grimoire of Sacrifice makes the choice a little easier. Soul Link buffs your hp by 20% if no demon is actively under your control.

Tier 4
Unbound will is the only choice in my opinion. The 1min CD is short to use it multiple in a fight. Removes magic effects, slows, and other effects like fears and stuns from your character. Very useful, don’t forget to use this when needed.

Tier 5
Yes we are a master of dark arts, yes blizzard gave us the ability summon evil demons to do our work however you will not be using one as a tank! Nope you will be taking Grimoire of Sacrifice. The only pet you should be sacrificing is your Voidwalker. “But wait Ràvøn why him I thought any demon will give us the Soul Link 20% hp increase and the Sacrifice effect gives higher single target damage along with health regen. Why does the Voidwalker need to be sacrificed!!?” Well it’s because you have another special skill in your spellbook called Command Demon which takes one of your demon’s skill which it’s sacrificed and lets you use it! The Voidwalker's skill is Shadow Bulwark which I’ll explain in Section 4.
So after all is said and done, your talents should be Dark Regen, Mortal Coil, Soul, Unbound Will, and Grimoire of Sacrifice.

3. Glyphs
My glyph setup is pretty simple and straight forward.

- Demon Hunting – This bad boy unlocks your tanking potential. It’s a REQUIRED glyph.
- Healthstone – This makes your Healthstone heal up to 40% of your health in 10 secs since it doubles the effect of your old Healthstone. Now you might be wondering why take this one! Well when combined with Dark Regeneration your Healthstone gets another 25% bonus which is about 10% more hp! And guess what else, when you use them together they will be up again around the same time since they both have a 2min CD! (Recommended glyph)
- Siphon Life- Lastly, I chose Siphon life since your corruption ticks heal you for 20% of the damage dealt. You should be throwing corruptions on multiple mobs when possible to generate more hp and Demonic Fury (Recommended glyph)

- Eye of Kilrogg- This glyph doesn’t help you with you tanking in any way at all. However it lets you summon your Teleport portal without moving your character. This can help with a last second watch in another spot without having to stray from your current position. (Optional glyph)
- Carrion Swarm –Removes the knock back effect of the skill Helps with add control instead of making them get pushed back. (Recommended glyph)
- Falling Meteor – As with the other minors, this glyph doesn’t directly affect your tanking. However on fights where knock-ups are happening, chaining this skill with a Demonic Leap = no falling death!

4. What skills do you need?
Offensive abilities
- Corruption: Offers damage over time along with Fury Regen and Health Regen along with the Siphon Life glyph. Make sure to have this skill on every single mob as possible for your passive effects
- Hand of Gul’dan: Offers AoE Dmg along with Fury Regeneration. Use this skill on AoE packs for maximum effect. Keep this skill on CD and make sure not to spam it back to back. If you can, stack the effect of the Shadowflame Dot near the end of duration for a damage increase with the 2nd stacks ticks.
- Demonic Slash – Offers single target damage and generates 60 Demonic Fury. Has 3 Charges keep this skill on CD only when not Demonic Fury capped.
- Carrion Swarm – AoE Damage attack but mainly will be used for the interrupt. Pretty solid interrupt skill with only a 12 second CD. To continue ad control after using this, I recommend using the minor Carrion Swarm glyph.
- Immolation Aura – AoE Damage attack which should only be used if over 800 DFury to prevent you from being Fury starved.
- Void Ray- AoE damage attack, which I only use when there is a lot of mobs grouped up and over 800 DFury. Combined with Corruption on each target, helps keep your corruption on multiple adds when add tanking as well.
Defensive Abilities/Cooldowns
- Unending Resolve: 40% damage reduction along with offering no skill interruption. (The skill interruption isn’t completely important since all of your main skills are instant casts. Great CD to be used when taking spike damage.
- Fury Ward: Short absorb shield that lasts 10 secs at the cost of 200 DFury. With only a 10 second CD you never want to be less than 300 Fury (my safe zone from being Fury starved). It scales with spell power.
- Dark Regeneration: Instant 30% health and a 12 second 25% healing buff. Probably my favorite OH NO Cd when combined with a Healthstone. Make sure to let your healers know it’s active. Helps them bring you back to full a little easier.
- Mortal Coil: Very short 45 second CD that gives you 15% health. Make sure you are using this and not let it sit there especially if you are under 85% health. Combine with the buff from Dark Regeneration for a buffed heals effect.
- Healthstone: 40% heal over time in 10 secs. Great when combine with Dark Regeneration.
- Unbound Will: Be very careful of using this skill since it requires 20% of your maximum health! If you think using it will save you let your healers know and I recommend having a Mortal Coil following it to help you back up.
- Dark Soul: Yes that’s right, Dark Soul should be used to help survive heavy physical damage. “But Ràvøn why would I use my Dark Soul!! It’s only for damage!!” Remember how I said Mastery buffs the physical damage reduction portion of your tanking stance? Well popping this skill gives you about an increased 11.16% physical damage reduction gain for 20 secs!
- Command Demon a.k.a. Shadow Bulwark: Remember how I stated that you wanted to sacrifice your Voidwalker for certain buff that wasn’t the hp bonus from Soul Link? Well when you sacrifice your Voidwalker, your command demon becomes Shadow Bulwark. At the cost of a mere 5k mana you get a 30% hp increase for 20 secs!! “But Ràvøn isn’t that like last stand is??” Yes, my good friend it is, but it’s even better because it’s only on a 2 minute CD!!
- Aura of Enfeeblement: Not really a defensive CD but reduces the physical damage by 20% of all enemies within 20 yards. Also just so you won’t get disheartened of being hit in the face by spells, it also increases the enemies casting time by 50%. Keep this up as much as possible.

5. Stats
At the moment I haven’t got into extreme simcrafting of figuring out the best way to min/maxing your warlock tank stats however if you have another set of gear apart from your standard set you can try this setup without messing with your normal gear.

My stat priority is

Int > Hit 15% > SP > Mastery >>> Haste>Crit

Int: Boosts the damage of your spells also higher Int means more spell power which scales up your Fury Ward to absorb more damage.

Hit: Don’t want to miss with any of your attacks at all; helps keep your threat which you can’t afford to lose due to not having a vengeance ability.

SP: Scales up the absorb of your Fury Ward

Mastery: Reduces the damage you take while in Dark Apotheosis, and scales up the physical damage portion of your Dark Apotheosis.

Haste: Faster dot ticks, which help you, keep up your demonic fury when add tanking. Quicker ticks help your Corruption and Hand of Gul’dan.

Crit: No direct effect from Crit to help you tank besides stronger damage hits.

6. Reforging

Follow these steps when reforging for the optimal stats you want to keep up.
1. Crit to Hit if under Hit Cap.
2. Haste to Hit if under Hit Cap.
3. Crit to Mastery if hit capped.
4. Haste to mastery if an item has hit/haste.
5. Haste/Mastery leave alone if at hit cap.

7. Consumables
Food: Seafood Magnifique Feast
Flask: Flask of Steelskin
Potion: Earthen potion for heavy physical damage OR Mythical Healing Potion (Further testing required if it benefits from Dark Regeneration.)

8. How-to-tank/Priority List/Rotation
The act of tanking is holding aggro long enough for the DPS to kill what needs to be killed. The reason a tank is needed in a raid is they are built to withstand incoming damage and be able to survive the mightiest of all beast. Your job as a newly inspired tank because of a certain glyph is to fulfill this role if you have no other suitable tank or (as most locks at the moment) tank when the tank has left the group and while waiting for a new one you continue the party forward.

Dark Apotheosis increases your threat by 500%, which is plenty enough to hold over DPS. Although it is not enough to take the target back if another tank has gotten vengeance stacks up. You have only one taunt ability (Provocation) which has a fairly short CD of 8 secs. Works just like the Prot Paladin’s Hand of Reckoning. Some Locks have stated that this skill hasn’t been working in some cases. I’ve noticed it when trying to taunt of other tanks as well. I can’t say for sure if this skill is working as intended, hopefully fixed in the future.

How to tank
You will want to have your Dark Apotheosis skill active at all times when not tanking. If you are not actively tanking and have Demonic Fury to spend pop in Metamorphosis and help your DPS out. Initiate any pull with Provocation follow by Corruption and a Hand of Gul’dan. Then you are free to start attacking with your Demonic Slash to build more aggro and generate Fury. Keep Corruption on your main target and all adds if possible. If Hand of Gul’dan is off CD aim for multiple adds if possible otherwise keep it on your main target. When Fury capped use Immolation Aura and Void Ray for some AoE damage, this also lets you refresh your Hand of Gul’dan and Demonic Slash CD Stacks to max. Void Ray also refreshes Corruption by 4 secs to any add that was affected by Corruption. Use Carrion Swarm when an interrupt is needed. If Blood Lust is up, use your Doomguard for more straight DPS on the boss. I wouldn’t recommend Infernal since you aren’t trying to top meters by AoE’ing. Since the Doomguard is more single target damage it is best used in my opinion on the boss. Use any defensive cooldowns when needed.

Here is what your priority list might look like:

Single Target
-Dark Apotheosis – at all times
-Provocation- any adds that are running loose grab ‘em up.
-Corruption- keep on every add possible
-Hand of Gul’dan- keep on cd without spam stacking stacks. Use the 2nd one when the 1st ones dot is about to fall off.
- Demonic Slash- Use on CD
-Immolation Aura- When capped on Fury (800 minimum)
-Void Ray-When Capped on Fury (refrain from using under 400 fury)
Note: Use defensive cooldowns when needed, because you can’t tank if you are dead! Above all cost stay alive!

Multiple Targets
-Dark Apotheosis – at all times
-Provocation- any adds that are running loose grab ‘em up.
-Corruption- keep on every add possible
-Hand of Gul’dan- keep on cd without spam stacking stacks. Use the 2nd one when the 1st ones dot is about to fall off.
-Immolation Aura- When capped on Fury (800 minimum)
-Void Ray-When Capped on Fury (refrain from using under 400 fury)
Note: Use defensive cooldowns when needed, because you can’t tank if you are dead! Above all cost stay alive!

8. Closing thoughts
I know there is a lot of hate from other classes and most notably tanks about having a Warlock Tank. I don’t want anyone to think that a warlock should be tank over the 4 soon to be 5 tanks that have specs are gear designed to tank. I believe it’s great that we can be a utility tank when needed if you play demonology. Could be a wipe lifesaver and helpful when your dungeon que from a tank leaving is taking forever. Warlock tanking is really fun and I love doing it when needed. Hopefully it sticks thru mists. If you are not able to tank as a warlock, show your group that you can pull insane dps. There is almost no reason why your group shouldn’t include a lock.
P.S. Lock summons, cookies, Demonic gateway portals (coming soon) utility tank ability, and insane dps.

9. Special Thanks
Most notably, Blizzard for giving Warlocks a whole list of changes for Mists. I love all 3 specs and I have not had this much fun playing a warlock before. I think this is probably the best time to play a warlock. To all you warlocks out there enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks to my guildies who actually let me test my abilities in heroic dungeons and lfr. Oomagain and Kinh for listening to me ramble in vent about how awesome lock tanking is and convincing que’ed groups to let me tank.

Depending on the feedback and if anyone wants to see this in action, I might be tanking a few bosses Tuesday on Heroic Dragon Soul difficulty to test the true potential and capabilities of Warlock Tanking. I’ll try to record if possible.

Please leave any comments you may have.

This guide was written by Ràvøn of Arthas. If you will to post this on another forum etc. Please include the whole guide and don’t steal credit for it thanks. I’ll update this guide as necessary.
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I love my lock even more :) 9 years 10 months ago #35

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maybe i should lvl my lock to be a tank aswell. would be an intressting thing to do, even tho most random people are to narrowminded to let one tank. probably wouldn't get to tank in random dungeons and such
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I love my lock even more :) 9 years 10 months ago #36

  • nemester
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only thing is u cant put tick in box but with ya top pets and right ilvl u can destroy hc and normal dungeons
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