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TOPIC: Normal MSV 10MEN vids

Normal MSV 10MEN vids 9 years 10 months ago #22

  • nemester
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Stone Dogs


Gara'jal Spiritbinder

Spirit Kings


Will of the Emperor

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Normal MSV 10MEN vids 9 years 10 months ago #23

  • nemester
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Hope these vids help and show u that theres a huge diff between LFR and Normal MSV for players who have not done normal MSV and want to do Normal MSV Raid..


This is no tank and spank like the LRF counterparts :)
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Normal MSV 10MEN vids 9 years 10 months ago #37

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These written tactics i came across... there clear special the general notes..

re: Will of the Emperor - MSV Raid Strategy
Postby Creperie on Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:15 pm
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2 Tanks
2-3 Healers
5-6 DPS (control classes/talents may be an advantage, some melee may be favorable)

2 repeating phases - a gauntlet phase followed by a burn phase

This fight will be a bit hectic, but if we follow a good priority system and effectively use control abilities and cooldowns it should be very "doable". Remember, this is an end-boss and is supposed to present a challenge.

Gauntlet Phase
There are 3 types of adds, 3 of them will spawn at a time, and there will be 3 "waves" of them per Gauntlet Phase. Waves seem to always be in this order:

2 Emperor's Rages + 1 Emperor's Strength
2 Emperor's Rages + 1 Emperor's Courage
2 Emperor's Rages + 1 Emperor's Strength

Emperor's Strength:
Very large adds, they will do a ground targeted AOE smash that deals high damage and stuns. The visual is very easy to see and easily avoidable. A melee dps will "tank" these as they don't seem to do any damage outside of their overhead slams. Keep them away from the raid as best as possible. DPS should wait to dps long enough for the designated "tank" to establish a threat lead. These adds are immune to crowd control.

Emperor's Courage:
Large adds with a big blue shield. They will focus on the furthest tank away from them and run towards that tank. They are immune to damage from the front, thus you must be BEHIND their shield in order to hit them. Ranged will burn these down as TOP PRIORITY. Tanks should attempt to run away from Courages if they get too close. They are slowable and should be slowed as quickly as possible and stay slowed until dead.

Emperor's Rage:
These are small melee adds that will focus on random raid members, switching targets periodically. They can be affected by ALL FORMS of crowd control and as such will always be the last kill priority of the adds. Slows, stuns, knockbacks, roots and snares should all be used in order to keep these away from the raid until they are killed.

Burn Phase
Roughly 90 Seconds after the pull the bosses will engage. There are 2 bosses, Jan-xi and Qin-xi (they share a health pool) and they should be tanked on opposite edges of the room. Shortly after the 3rd set of adds spawns the "phase change" will occur, blanketing the room with Titan Gas that does fairly intense AOE damage to the raid as well as makes EVERYONE in the room do 25% more melee damage (including the bosses and adds). This will make for a LOT of damage being taken by the raid and raid cooldowns should be utilized.

When Titan Gas comes out, adds should be cleaned up as quickly as possible before turning all attention into the bosses. Adds will not spawn during Titan Gas, thus making it really the only time that DPS will be focused attacking the bosses. This phase does not last very long until the gas goes away and the adds eventually start spawning again. Burst cooldowns, including Heroism, are best used here to put effective damage into the bosses.

You won't have much to do until the bosses come out... The bosses each have a mana bar that will fill over time. When they reach full, the bosses will execute a "Devastating Combo" where they will do 5 consecutive LARGE, AVOIDABLE AOE ATTACKS. If you are able to dodge all of the attacks you will get an Extra Action Button ability called Opportunistic Strike. You will have 3 seconds to use this ability that will hit the boss for 500,000 damage. The animations for the combo abilities are all fairly obvious - it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you watch several tank PoV videos in order to familiarize yourself with the animations. Over the course of the fight you can easily contribute several million extra damage to the boss while the DPS is busy with adds... do it!

Kill order will always be Courage>Strength>Rage. Ranged DPS will be mainly responsible for killing Courage adds - get behind them, slow them, nuke. Rages should be slowed/stunned/frozen as often as possible to lessen damage taken by the raid. Learn your class and figure out what you can do to best contribute here. A melee DPS (preferably plate) will be responsible for controlling the location of the Strength adds. Ensuring they are away from the raid will make life easier for casters so they don't have to move out of the slam. Bosses share a health pool so it doesn't much matter which one you hit during burn phases. If you have damage reducing cooldowns like Barkskin, use them during Titan Gas.

Again, kill order is: Courage>Strength>Rage>Bosses

There is not a ton of damage going out as long as adds are controlled and killed in a reasonable amount of time and tanks are able to dodge combos. The Titan Gas phases will require coordinated chaining of cooldowns to ensure that the phase isn't too painful - we will establish a CD order before we pull. This is a fight that having an extra DPS (and 1 less healer) may make the fight easier if adds go down quicker - we will 3 heal initially.

General Notes
This will likely be a VERY LONG fight, probably over 10 minutes worth. Healer longevity will be key. To ensure their longevity the raid must minimize damage taken by effectively dispatching the adds as well as avoiding any damage that you can. Opportunistic Strikes and tank damage into the bosses have the potential to greatly shorten the fight. Use your personal cooldowns often, they will come back up!
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Normal MSV 10MEN vids 9 years 10 months ago #38

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Good Job on these Vids - I agree this boss is very doable.

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Normal MSV 10MEN vids 9 years 10 months ago #40

  • nemester
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Good Job to all tonite who played and helped aswell we are now 6/6 on MSV Normal 10
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