1st kill Horridon on Silvermoon

For the 2nd time we killed Horridon, but 1st time on Silvermoon.  Was a smoothly kill.  The mount dropped..   with a roll of 99 Linguistic won the mount, which you see on the picture below:




Throne of thunder,

Weird but true, hok have (with the help of 2 great pugs, killed the first boss in ToT, and even had time for 2 attempts on Horridor (2nd boss).

Good work all, and ty Norocel for keeping the hope up. We did this with: Plnickthesun, Ferul, Norocel,Dodging, Drukenknight, Niquita, Poerkies and myself (Saense),  pugs with us where Killahpriest and Panzram. Well it was a good job!

First boss of HoF down!

We got first boss of HoF down, and managed to see twice 2nd phase of the 2nd boss, so progress is going on!  Thanks to Krits, Poerkies, Derzelas, Norocel, Azatgothg, Turbospud, Nemester, Notter, Saense and Dodging. :)

Last boss of MsV down!

WoWScrnShot 012913 220604We killed the last boss of MsV: Will of the Emperor, on tuesday 29th of Januar 2013, thanks to Tanks: Krits and Poerkies  (both good at *dancing* ), Dps: Azatgothg, Turbospud, Swordstar, Notter and Nemester, Healers: Norocel, Derzelas and Saense. We will keep on doing MsV, but start at HoF aswell, dont miss the action and sign up!

Elegon down!

I am happy to tell here, that we managed to kill Elegon!  Thanks to: tanks: Krits and Plnickthesun,

dps: Poerkies, Notter, Azatgothg, Nemester, Turbospud, Psychomaniak, healers: Derzelas and Saense.

It was a awesome fight, with Plnickthesun giving the last hit to him!


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